Trim & Finish Carpentry Company Serving Marion County, Sumter County & Lake County Florida.

Trim & Finish Carpentry Company Serving Marion County, FL & Surrounding Areas.

Just Trim Florida is "The MVP of Trim".  When you need a uniform, gorgeous, clean, consistent look in your home or building, you call Just Trim Florida.  We offer seamless, reliable results with quality and tolerances that are unmatched.  Our communication, material sourcing, and our sole focus on trim installation, means we set the Standard.

Crown Molding

Crown Molding Installation

We Install Beautiful Custom Crown Molding.

Baseboard Trim

Baseboard Trim

We Install Custom Baseboard Trim & Molding.

Quarter Round

Quarter Round Trim Installation

We Install Quarter Round Trim For A Decorative Touch.

Shoe Molding

Shoe Molding Installation

We Install Shoe Molding On Baseboard Trim.

Request Your In-Home Consultation

Finish Carpentry & Custom Trim Including Crown Molding, Baseboards, Shoe Molding, and More.

Just Trim Florida Truck and Trailer

Welcome to Just Trim Florida. We’re an interior trim installation company that specializes in upgrading and installing crown molding, baseboard molding, shoe molding, and quarter round trim. We proudly serve Marion County, Sumter County, and Lake County, Florida.

Whether building a new home, or renovating an existing property, there are certain decorative and finishing elements that can make a dramatic difference in how your home looks.  You really CAN have luxury in your home with Just Trim; a tasteful trim and molding (or moulding) package that finishes out your home’s interior. Concealing unfinished or plain transitions, such as where the floor meets the wall, or the wall meets the ceiling, Just Trim is the difference between “ho-hum” and exciting!

In short, we’re EXCITED to add a level of luxury to your home! With our in-home consultation, we evaluate your project’s aesthetic and functional needs, and help to explore the different options available via our trim profile samples.

As craftsmen, we are professional in language, clean-cut in appearance, drug, alcohol, and tobacco free, and enter with a sincere smile into YOUR home each day. Our EXPERT approach to a SPECIFIC trade means you get a level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that is refined, unique, and wholly focused on a single mission: Just Trim.

With over 40 years of combined business and technical experience in carpentry, we maintain exacting standards for communication, material installation tolerances, and scheduling.

With firm estimates at a fixed price per project, we pride ourselves on the beautiful work we do, and our ability to provide luxury details with Just Trim. We look forward to helping you make the leap from ordinary walls to Just Trim Florida!

See The Difference With Or Without Trim

Outside Corner Before Installation Of Crown Molding

This is an outside corner without any trim installed.

This is the outside corner with 4.25" crown molding installed.

This is the outside corner with 5.25" crown molding installed.

Inside Corner Before Installation Of Crown Molding

This is an inside corner without any trim installed.

This is the inside corner with 4.25" crown molding installed.

This is the inside corner with 5.25" crown molding installed.

This is 3.25" baseboard before and after installation of shoe molding.

This is 4.25" baseboard before and after installation of shoe molding.

This is 5.25" baseboard before and after installation of shoe molding.

Crown Molding

Crown molding is installed where your wall meets the ceiling.  The purpose of crown molding is to make a decorative transition from your wall to your ceiling and to finish the look of your room.  We install crown molding in various profiles and in 4.25" and 5.25" sizes.

Baseboard Trim

Baseboard trim and molding is installed along the bottom edge of your wall where the wall meets the floor.  Baseboard trim is designed to hide any unsightly gaps or rough edges where your flooring meets the wall.  We install 3.25", 4.25", and 5.25" baseboards using Pine or MDF.

Quarter Round

Quarter round trim is very similar to shoe molding but quarter round has a rounder profile.  It is used as a decorative element in mantels and architectural features, and along the lower edge of baseboards.  We install various types and sizes of quarter round trim.

Shoe Molding

Shoe molding is installed along your baseboard trim to clean up any small gaps between the baseboard and the floor and it provides a nice, clean, finished look for your space.  We install shoe molding made from pine or MDF and we can also offer custom profiles as well.

Experience The Just Trim Difference

Licensed & Insured

We are properly insured to work inside of your home or your building.

Experienced Craftsman

Our installers have years of experience in finish and trim carpentry.  Your home will look great.

Value Based Pricing

We won't be the cheapest but we're going to provide the best service, the best quality, and value.

Workmanship Warranty

We offer a workmanship warranty on our installations.  Please ask us for details.

Quality Materials

We use high quality materials for every project which include trim, caulk, and fasteners.

Spotless Job Cleanup

You'll never know we were inside your home aside from your beautiful finished trim.

Excellent Communication

We'll do what we say and we'll always keep you informed of your project progress.

Rave Reviews

We are a top rated local company with a track record of customer happiness and satisfaction.

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